Take care of your eyes the same as skin

UV exposure and infrared rays damage the cornea, retina and lens, burns, photokeratitis(snow blindness), macular degeneration, opacities in the lens (cataract) and impaired vision, intraocular bleeding and changes color level perception in the retina. Our eyes have a limited tolerance for absorbing sunlight that far exceeds our current lifestyle. Infrared and ultraviolet radiation is the most detrimental to our visual health because they accumulate in various structures of the eye that causes irritation and serious disease that may lead to vision loss and blindness.

When you select a sunglass frame, must transfer factor and color filters are selected properly. Improper filter is harmful, it is even worse to go without glasses, because the pupil expands and allows radiation to reach the retina. Therefore, we say that it is better not to wear sunglasses, instead to use some of poor quality.We also believe that when sunglasses are darker they protect us more, and this is false.

The eyes of children are more exposed to sunlight, so we should protect them even more. Caps, hats and sunglasses are especially necessary to protect us from solar radiation.

Not all sunglasses are equal, and then they must be adapted to the needs for protection, environment, radiation levels and visual defects of each person. God advices from an optician are essential to select the size of the glasses, shape, color and above all the most suitable filter. We as optical-optometrist can give you advice about which is the best sunglasses to protect your eyes.

The labeling of sunglasses quality should include: labeling of authentic CE quality category, sunscreen lenses, warranty document, brochure or manufacturer label, manufacturer or dealer in the European Union, the reference of European standards (UNE UN 1836), operating instructions, warning of risks and limited use, explanation and marked on the degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation and guidance to cleanliness and maintenance.

In addition, there are various categories that solar radiation is classified by No. 0 to 4, where 0 is very clear lenses up to 4 which are darker.  Mostly in optical lenses is Category 3 so that is the most versatile and suitable for general use. Category 4 lenses are used for extreme skiing or hiking and cannot be used for driving. Category 1 is used on very cloudy days, even for general use if the person needs sunlight elimination.

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