Sunglasses for sport

Sunglasses for sport

Sunglasses for sport

Sunglasses are not an option in the practice of sports. If you normally need glasses, sports like running, skiing, cycling, sailing, climbing, swimming or any other sport you can think on, it is very important that you choose a type of glasses that are completely suit for you and your sport. In outside sport eyes are almost always exposed to harmful UV rays and dust and not least exposure to snow, wind and sand. Dust in the eyes may affect your capacity and makes you feel uncomfortable. FromFelipe Zaragozí Optics in the center of Altea, we have glasses for the most suitable materials for you to enjoy your favorite sport.

Tips for choosing glasses for sport

Prescription Glasses Sports Sunglasses

Prescription Glasses Sports Sunglasses

There are a million types of   graduate glasses for each sport, and if you are not able, it may be difficult to find exactly what you need for a particular sport. The first is that you know what your eyes need and then you can choose glasses based on :

  • Sealing by sweating, especially for sports where we do not want glasses sliding off the face under intense activities and strong training. Some of these materials absorb liquid which will make better grip when sweat runs down on your face.
  • Lens Materials: we appreciate about following your graduating goggles when you practice your sport is durability, clarity, weight and price. Polycarbonate is the most common among sports glasses. Are lightweight, impact-resistant, it has good clarity and is cheap. Glass har the best clarity of any lens material but is costly, relatively heavy and certainly not very resistant to impacts.
  • Color of lenses: hue of the lens affects the amount of light transmitted to the eye as well as the contrast between light and how certain colors appear. Grey, green and brown is true colorist lenses that reduce gloss and too much light conditions. Red provides high visibility in low light, and increase contrast for snow sports. It also makes much visible against a green background, making it ideal for mountain biking and running. Yellow is also good for contrast, providing much needed depth perception in overcast weather, much flat light on the ground. It is best for low light, but offers less protection from the sun.
  • Lenses feature: modern lenses go far beyond just blocking sunlight and UV eye. Polarizing reduces horizontal luster, especially reflections from shiny surfaces like water. The photochromic lenses lighten and darken in response to the sunlight intensity. If you practice surf or paddle should consider this aspect.

Another feature to keep in mind when choosing sunglasses is the shape of your face Depending on your anatomy could choose a model of glasses or other. Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea put at your disposal all our experience and personal/ professional treatment, so you can see the latest model of glasses to practice your favorite sport. Do not hesitate to contact us or see us convey our perspective. We will advise you.

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