Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses

What is ophthalmic lenses?

An ophthalmic lens is a lens for correcting vision in a person with visual impairment where the focal point of the eyes does not hit the retina.Lenses can also be used to solve problems like astigmatism.They come in a variety of forms, including plastic and glass lenses worn glasses, contact lenses placed in direct contact with the eye and lens that implants surgically inserted into the eye to correct vision problems.It is usually necessary to get a prescription for a particular ophthalmic lens prescribed by an ophthalmologist.

Basic ophthalmic lenses correct for near or farsightedness, where the focal point is in front of or behind the retina.The curve to adjust the focal point and let the light hits the retina precisely, so that people can focus.Other lenses may have additional features tailored to each case

What are ophthalmic lenses made ​​of?

Current ophthalmic lenses are the result of a study conducted over the years;those mentioned below in use today:

  • Organic. They are lenses that are not broken at various and weigh less than glass lenses, but that drawback easily scratched.
  • Polycarbonate. They are similar to organic lenses, but is lighter and stronger. Generally, they are used for children.
  • High index lenses. They are smaller lenses, and is used in cases where higher graduation
  • Minerals. Torn lenses unless scratched and is recommended for some cases, but is least used.

All lenses have the option of following treatments:

  • Know colors.
  • Do not scratch.
  • Not reflect. There are different types depending on the layers are put on the lenses.
  • Transitions. The lens gets darker with sun.
  • White color.

By problem with your ophthalmic lenses, we have a fast, professional and satisfactory repair service for you.

Lentes oftálmicas. Óptica Felipe Zaragozí en Altea

What ophthalmic lenses do you  need?

Depending on the type of visual deficiency you have, and always advised and informed by us you can choose between different types of lenses:

Monofocal lenses

This type of ophthalmic lenses only corrects only from far and wide, not both simultaneously. This type of lens focuses vision at a distance, either near or far.

It is recommended for people who have good vision in one of the distances, whether near or far, but needs or for everyday tasks such as reading, working on computer, mobile etc. or longer distances as driving.


This type of bifocal lenses used to get a clear vision near and far. Before appear progressive lenses were used more frequently, but now put in fewer cases because progressive lenses have the advantage of a clear vision at different distances.

Besides the bifocal lens on the area it appears near the lens. There are fewer types of materials on these lenses, but if we can get them in mineral and organic.

Progressive lenses

The operation of the progressive lens was added based on an area where the gradient away begins to gradually change from the required gradient to look for different distances to reach the area near and to achieve it, on the side of the lens is blurry due to the induced deviation. According to the sides about the vision is lost there will be a progressive or others.

There are a number of progressive and we can say that the main feature to distinguish from each other is what we call “aisle view”, which is the field of view of the progressive lenses.

There are also progressive lenses specific to a particular job or eyeglass type (computer and customer service, for new or smaller design frames …).

We have VISIOFFICE, a new instrument for measuring all parameters required for the latest generation of progressive lenses from Varilux.

Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea study your case and advise you always the progressive lens that is most suitable for you and in this way you get the most comfortable and managed vision.

We invite you to visit us; you know us and let us give you our personal advice.

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