Tenemos servicio de asistencia primaria para tus ojos

Why use our primary help?

It may happen that you enjoy a pleasant day through our great geography that you’ve suddenly an event in eyes. Either has a foreign body came into the eye, you have got redness of the eyes, a very annoying itch, you have extreme light sensitivity or eye discharge.

Often with a small eye test , a gentle treatment and usage patterns can we continue to enjoy our day. Because of Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea is located in the city center, we offer all the services that primary care requires.

What is primary health care in Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea?

Our professionalism and our commitment level to our customers means that we can offer the following drop health:

  • Extraction of foreign bodies in the eyes (if possible)
  • Treatment of eyelid inflammation (blepharitis) or eyelid infection (styes)
  • Pain in the eye due to desiccation
  • Superficial corneal damage
  • Eye irritation when wearing contact lenses
  • Perform a visual inspection of your eyes
  • We do optician pressure control in the eyeto rule out future problems

In the event that the situation is beyond our scope we will send you a subsequent medical evaluation.

So if you experience pain in the eye or redness, if you suddenly lost sight or marks an increase of effect “floaters” (dot in the eye) in the viewport please contact and visit us. We will look at these and other issues.

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