Felipe Zaragozí. Tu óptico en Altea

Felipe Zaragozi Opticians was founded in March 2008 in Altea (Alicante). From the beginning our philosophy has been quality and service at the best price. We offer our customers the best solution in every visual problem, from a professional point of view, and with the help of the best technology currently offers a range of products, always high quality and competitive prices.

The commitment that we have received during this time with the health of our customers has encouraged us to incorporate new sections and products. Among other services, we have a complete primary care.

Felipe Zaragozí as modern and innovative company we are, have incorporated the latest technology and the best equipment, and we have instruments such as a tonometer to measure intraocular pressure, machine for measuring visual acuity and perform a visual inspection altogether. Bevellers for cutting of all types lenses in some eyeglass frame, and we can do all kind repairs.

We have a virtual mirror to choose your glasses easier. We also have a specific center  for progressive lens.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for trust and loyalty they have shown during all these years.