Do not do yourself

Eyestrain or presbyopia is a refractive condition in which eyes adapted capacity is not sufficient for myopic. It’s a normal visual condition with age, which usually begins at 40 years age. 80% of people at age 40 begin with presbyopia, and up to 100% for over 50 years age.

Remember following symptoms: that get long away to read the text, you need more light to see up close, blurred vision and uncomfortably close vision, itchy eyes, watery eyes. If you have any of these symptoms come to visit us for a complete overhaul of vision.

Prefabricated prescription glasses are not the solution to eye strain. Prefabricated prescription glasses or also known as speed reading glasses, some magnifying glass, plastic, low optical quality and can distort images. They are manufactured as a serial product and do not consider morphological and anatomical characteristics to the patient. Use standard gradients and use the same ranking in both eyes, so only applies to 5% of patients. Always they are prepared using the same eyepoint, effectively subtracting the visual system by falsely centering. We can find them in the bazaars, gift shops, gas stations and stores that do not offer sufficient guarantees for visual processing.

The prefabricated glasses could seriously affect any part of the eye, since the low quality of the lens has a ranking that does not fit in 95% of cases to the needs of patients. Changes eye-engine balance, causing adjustment problems (strabismus) generates visual fatigue and low performance because of the low quality of the lens. Distortionary and changes in visual quality prism effects and aggravating produces visual defects. Also they cause dizziness and headaches with prolonged use exceeding critical loads and causes visual discomfort.

Glasses in optometrists are medical devices that are compatible with all guarantees of quality, appropriate measures and requirements. Besides ophthalmic lenses we use are of high quality optics, with an individualized and personalized fit for each patient under the supervision of optician.

There are different solutions for each patient according to their needs. Eye symptoms develop over timeand control is recommended every two years.