Contact lenses

Contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses is not incompatible with normal glasses, because those who use the lenses must also own glasses, which the eye must rest some time. The lenses, for your convenience can use for any activity: sports, studies, work, hobby, etc. They is recommended for driving and sports, because they improve visual acuity and extends the field of view. Moreover, they are best appreciated with distances and improve visual perception, muscular responses and reflexes.

The development of optically perfect and resistant plastic made ​​using modern processing methods and polishing makes extremely precise products like ultra-thin lenses, has resulted into a modern industry of contact lenses.

After an adaptation period most patients can wear contact lenses, which will be adjusted accurately and should cause little or no discomfort. But is necessary some reviews and tests depending on each case.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you which is most suitable for you.

Types of contact lenses

The technological breakthroughs have generated various types of contact lenses. The difference between them reside in the molecules of the plastic used and other factors that are responsible for determining characteristics such as oxygen permeability or water concentration. Some of the contact lenses on the market are:

Rigid contact lenses

They are made ​​of rigid plastic. Usually provide excellent vision, they are easy to maintain and correct treatment of astigmatism and myopia, and are particularly suited for this problem. But they are less comfortable than soft lenses and require a longer period of adjustment (You can get a month).

This is the same case of semi-rigid or gas permeable lenses. These lenses with special design are used for technical reduction Ortok myopia, specific contact lenses for the night treatment of myopia and thus achieving a quite clear vision for the day. It must meet requirements drop eye shape and grading.

Soft contact lenses and soft one-day lenses

They are made ​​with a flexible plastic. Have higher concentrations of water, they are very comfortable and require a relatively short time adjustment. They can be used for long periods, but need more maintenance than hard lenses. They are indicated for grades of myopia and farsightedness and astigmatism.

Among soft contact lenses we can distinguish between day (single use), weekly (weekly use) and monthly (monthly usage).

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses provide good vision at near, intermediate and far-sighted. While some contact lenses are still made ​​in a bifocal design (meaning that they have two focal points, one for near and one for distance), others are progressive, with many focus points for the natural visual transition from afar to close.

Colored contact lenses

Have you ever wanted to see with another  color eyes? Now you can change the color of your eyes easily. You will be amazed at the change in the physiognomy which produces the change of color of your eyes.

There are many types of lenses in different colors on a wide range of colors.

Lentes de contacto desechables

Some tips on using contact lenses

Some of the tips we can give you here are following:

  • Never use a broken lens, replace them as soon as possible.
  • Not holding lenses longer than recommended or maybe your eyes suffer.
  • Always keep mandatory hygiene when handling contact lenses.
  • If you use bad products, these could provoke damage, sometimes severe, in the eye. Symptoms such as redness, itching, irritation, tearing, photophobia, …. They indicate that something is wrong.

The most complication leading to improper use of contact lenses is infection of bacteria that attach to the cornea. Treated in time, this infection has simple and good solution. Other less serious but annoying, complications are papillae conjunctivitis, for misuse or improper cleaning soft lenses, and the appearance of fungus on the lenses due to the use of liquids in disrepair.

 We also have all kinds of products for the maintenance of your lenses.

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