Test visual completo. Óptica en Altea

What is a complete visual test?

The tests carried out to verify many of the eyes functions. With these visual tests, among other parameters like:

  • Measure the ability to see detail at the short, medium and long distances.
  • We can check if there are any errors in your view.
  • Test how well your eyes work together to provide depth perception.

Why should you do a complete eye exam?

The visual test should be done routinely to discover your vision problems in early so. As we get older need to perform these regular eye examinations to detect changes in our vision. Children and young people have different review times.

We can also provide the following information useful for you:

  • Checking an eye problem, such as diabetes retinopathy, or to determine whether a treatment that works retinopathy.
  • To find out if you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision.
  • To check the status of the eye for an eye injury.
  • To get driving licenses, navigation or for certain types of work.
  • To check in near vision in school-aged children who may have difficulty reading, school performance, blurred vision, etc.

Test visual completo. Óptica Felipe Zaragozí en Altea

What acuity tests performed in Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea?

From our local in the center of Altea we offer you our experience and professionalism in order to perform a complete visual inspection which includes:

  • Snellen test to test visual acuity and your ability to see at various distances. This test consists of:
    • A graphic on a wall with several rows of letters. The letters in the top row is the largest; the bottom row is the smallest.
    • The client sits 6 meters away and we cover one eye to start saying the letters we indicate you. Each eye is tested separately.
    • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you may request that you repeat the test with them.
    • Graph E used for people or children who cannot read. It is very similar to Snellen chart, but only the letter E in different positions
  • In the test for myopic used a small card (graphics Jaegger) containing a few words or paragraphs of text printed to test the nearsighted. The text size decrease gradually.
    • The test is performed from about 30-35 cm from your face and you will read aloud a text until you can read comfortably.
    • Both eyes are tested together and with and without lenses. With this we will prove presbyopia, which usually appear after 40 years old.
    • If you were not able to read the letters, we can try other techniques, such as counting the fingers of one hand, detection of hand movements or tell the address or perception of light sources.
  • Refraction test where the need to measure a corrective lens for the eyes. With this test, we will ask you to describe the effect of looking at an eye chart that some corrective lenses.
    • We use a test glasses for different purposes.
    • Testing eye every time, we will check the effects of two different lenses and where we indicate which of them you get a better view.
    • Also used a retinoscopes shine deep in their eyes, and through a series of lenses trying adjusted until the light rays focus properly on the retina.
  • Visual Field Tests will check if there is any shortage in your view. This can help us to detect eye diseases or nervous system problems. More tests among which are performed:
    • The test of confrontation where covering one eye at a time, and sat down at a distance of about 1 meter lift a finger from the outer edge of the visual field toward the center. With eyes on a fixed point will you tell us when you see the sweep.
    • Amsler test to detect macular degeneration, a disease that causes loss of vision in the center of the visual field. It is performed in both eyes separately.
  • Color vision test in which we will measure your ability to distinguish colors. This test is carried out with different colors or symbols that are hidden in different colored dots.

Realización test visual completo. Óptica en Altea

Some tips we offer

Some tips for your eye health are kept in optimum conditions are as follows:

  • In the case of use of contact lenses, as they are prosthesis resting on the ocular surface, which leads to friction and flattening of the cornea. For this membrane back to its shape and optometric study results are reliable, we have to be at least 24 hours without using lenses before the study.
  • Influence of study form in sight: an unsuitable environment can cause headaches, irritability, excessive fatigue, etc. When it is possible to use natural light. Use multiple light sources, usually combining with another focal light and direct. As for the desktop, adapt it to you for maximum comfort. If possible, choose a matte finish. The recommended distance between the eyes and the role that corresponds to the distance from the elbow to the fist. Make 5-minute breaks every hour and relaxes your eyes focus on an object.
  • Dry eye in computer use: in front of a screen blink rate is reduced because of the attention we focus. This combined with the dry air causes heating and air conditioner makes your eyes dry. This problem is exacerbated in users of soft contact lenses. Making small pauses and stares at another point, we can greatly reduce these feelings, even if they continue we can use solutions designed for this purpose (artificial tears).
  • It is important to note that there are medications that alter tear or ocular status and reference should be made ​​before a visual examination for the optometrist can take it into account. Medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants and medication to control the hormonal disorders (thyroid).

Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea we invite you to stop by our optical and visual performing a hard test. We await you.

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