Toma de tensión con el tonómetro

What is eye pressure?

The (hyper) ocular pressure is the pressure inside the eye, which is higher than normal. If this voltage is not treated properly it can lead to glaucoma and in more severe cases of permanent loss vision in the affected eye. It can also happen that there are people who have eye strain and still cannot get them any harm to your eyes or your eyesight.

Eyes pressure shows no outward signs of itself, because it produces no pain or redness in the eyes, so that only a complete eye exam and various tests of vision, one can determine the existence of this discrepancy.

It is from 40 years old when ocular hypertension may begin to emerge, so if you already have this age, it is advisable that you perform every 3-5 years a thorough examination of your eyes that avoid this disease. Factors such as race, family history and age also influence already mentioned the possibility of galleys ocular tension.

How do we treat eye strain in Felipe Zaragozí Optics in Altea?

In our local situated in the heart of Altea, we are very concerned about eye strain and therefore have the most complete equipment to conduct a comprehensive and thorough examination of your eyes as well as having a number of tests to check your vision.

If we discover that suffering from ocular hypertension, we will give you the best tips and advice to follow from our extensive experience. We would not hesitate to recommend you to an ophthalmologist if the case so requires.

Some of the tests that will make you are:

  • Visual field tests to look for signs of primary open angle glaucoma.
  • Eye symptoms to contact a tonometer without anesthetic called Icare.
  • Test Procedure Amsler grid monitoring macular problems.

So if you are at risk of age, race, family history, do not hesitate to stop by our optics and we will do a complete check of your eyes so that you are more relaxed.

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