Babies and screens: careful with your eyes

Many children under one year of age play with phones or tablets as usual.

It is a resource used to entertain or to calm them down after a tantrum. However, pediatricians and pediatric ophthalmologists advise against its continued use, especially in children under years.

Children, especially those under two years, have a great plasticity in the visual system, are adapting to the environment and their circumstances. Hence, if you spend much time focusing on a close and small screen, your system approach could see altered.

Another consequence of the consumption of these displays is that in some children, using both time near vision, could come to light graduation defects such as farsightedness, astigmatism or strabismus.

In addition, the use of screens of any type reduces the number of times of flash per second, producing a reduction in quality of tear, so that the eye becomes red, giving a feeling of dryness or foreign body and blurring may aggravate disorders as allergy, atopy and ocular blepharitis.