Productos de mantenimiento para ojos

Which type of lens care products that suited best?

When selecting maintenance liquid to hold glasses or contact lenses must remember:

  • Type of lens you use
  • Tear type of care person.
  • Make sure liquids are in good condition.
  • Use fluids that your optometrist has recommended you.

Avoid buying of cheap float liquids for contact lenses or glasses and unknown liquids as they may damage your visual health without you noticing. In your optic in Altea you will find a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for all types of lenses: traditional hydrogel, silicone hydrogel, rigid lenses … also find eye drops for dry eye or eye irritation from wearing lenses or environmental causes.

Some of the products we work with are:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses: AOSEPT, cleaner and preservative Boston, Lens Plus, Optifree, Biotrue, Renu, Complete Revital.
  • Optical eye drops:
    • Opto Idro +: tears for use with and without contact lenses
    • Opto care wipes: Eye wash
    • Opto sun for eye inflammation
    • Zero drops: Special preservative-free artificial tears for dry or irritated eye

Felipe Zaragozí Optics, We invite you to meet us, and we will show what kind of lenses are best suited for you.

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